About 1-2-5 Computing Services

A company dedicated to cutting the cost of your technology needs!

First about our name: 1-2-5 Computing Services. You think we cannot count? Sure we can! 1-2-5 is short for a sign language phrase or saying. If you count 1-2-5 starting with your thumb you will see the sign language for "I Love You." Put them together and 1-2-5 Computing Services is short for "I Love You Computing Services." It is straight forward because we love computing services and we are sure you will love our computing services, too.

We started 1-2-5 Computing Services with the idea of wanting to create a liable company to provide professional services without the all the high cost behind the technology. So we set out on a mission to get professional training knowledge of what we support. Then we perfected our process and intergrated our learned textbook 2 year training with our real-world skills. The end result is what we are today!

Our Values

MISSION: To provide cost effective computer services without all the high cost compeditors charge for the same services but only better.
To help others keep technology cost within reason to enable all walks of life enjoy modern life to assist them feel connected to the world!
1-2-5 Computing Services has immediate access to all major computer manufacturer’s parts, peripherals and supplies from across the country to assitst you in your company's uptime and productiveness. Because we understand that if your company doesn't function your company stands still!

VISION: We stride to provide our clients with the best possible services with the latest technology on the market. All while keeping cost down. With the ever changing market, we know what works best in every aspect of the industry.
We service consumers and corporations which vary in size and industry. We provide efficient and cost effective solutions for their specific computer, server and networking requirements. All without the cost of on-site IT department. While keeping in step with security, backups and redundancy. We realize that if your office equipment is not operating properly, most often, your office does not operate.
We provides services with prices which cannot be beat by ANY company out there. 1-2-5 Computing Services is second to NONE and will continue to be now and into the future.

HISTORY: In 1991 we started working with computers by taking them apart and putting them back together again. Then when something would not work, we would replace what was broken. Years would go by as we would learn more and more about the internal operations of computers.
By the time the year 2000 came around we had a great deal of knowledge of how to build computers from scratch, get them working on a network, communicate together, get the best performance and life expectancy out of the PC and even transfer files to a hybrid of networking computers.
In the fall of 2000, we took our knowledge to college to get textbook 2 years trainging on what we had been working with. After 2 years we had specialized in Computer Networking Technology which entailed working with all forms of servers such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, E-Mail servers, FTP, Web Servers with IIS and Apache. Even how to keep these hosted services secured on the network without exposing sensitive data.


What we offer


SCO Unis, Linux, Mac, Windows Desktops, troubleshooting and hardware compatibility.


Keeping with the latest Web Standards


Replace Broken Screen, Motherboard and AC Power Jacks. Upgrades and updates too!


Specialized in Computer Networking Technology, Security and connectivity.


Experiance with most distros of Linux as Client and Server Host.


Experiance with all version of Windows Clients and Servers since 1994.


What our customers say


Some of our prices at a glance

Service Call

Service Call Waived

if visit generates

a billable invoice!


Exception: Emergency Calls

Residential Rates

2 Hour Minumum

Virus Removal


PC Maintanence


Business Rates

2 hour minumum



Virus Removal


PC Tune-Up

Remove Unwanted Files

Clean Up Registry

Optimize Files

Tweak User Interface

...and much more


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours weekdays.

Cleveland, Ohio

(216) 310-5984


Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri : 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Sat : 10 AM to 3 PM
  • Sunday : Closed
  • On Call : 24/7/365

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